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If you are interested in adding one of All For One Pet Rescue's adoptable pets to your family...first of all...Thank You For Choosing Adoption!  All individuals or families interested in adopting must complete an Adoption Application. Please review the information and instructions below on applying to adopt one of our pets.

STEP ONE:  Register on the All For One Pet Rescue website

Click the link to register.  You will need to complete minimal basic information to register and the site will generate and email you a password.

STEP TWO:  Complete Adoption Application
Once you have received your password email, you may log in and begin your Adoption Application.  Please be sure to answer all of the questions on the application.

Incomplete applications will not be submitted for review.

Adoption Applications may only be submitted for pets that are currently available for adoption. Pets that are listed on "Sponsorship" status are not yet available for adoption. This may be due to their age, ongoing medical needs, or other factors. 

STEP THREE:  Application Review
Once you have completed your Adoption Application you will receive a confirmation email that your application has been received.  If you do not receive this email, check your spam or junk mail folders.  If you still can't find the email, please go back and check to ensure that you have completed the application fully. 

Depending on the volume of adoption applications we receive, it may take as little as a few hours or up to a few days for you to hear from an All For One Adoption Counselor.  We make every effort to review applications as quickly as possible and to respond to all applicants in a timely manner.  Because we are an entirely volunteer run organization, we ask for your patience during this process.

Because our adoptable pets live in foster homes, we do not have a central facility where our pets are located.  Meet and greet requests are at the discretion of and subject to the availability of the foster family.  If your Adoption Application is approved, your Adoption Counselor will schedule the adoption to be completed at one of our regular events or another specific location.  Although you are required to select a specific pet when submitting your application, completing an Adoption Application is not an obligation to adopt a certain pet.  We understand that not every pet is a fit for every family, so if you apply to adopt a particular pet and there is not a love connection, we can change your application to another pet for you.  There is no need for you to complete an additional Adoption Application.  

Not every Adoption Application will be approved.  Each decision is made with the pet's needs and best interest in mind and in an effort to find the best match between each pet and family.

Pets that are listed for "Sponsorship" are not yet available for adoption because they may still be nursing puppies, may not be old enough, may have a current medical issue for which they are receiving treatment, or another reason.  If you are interested in adopting a pet currently listed for "Sponsorship," please wait for the pet's status to change to "Available for Adoption" to submit an Adoption Application. You can also select a particular pet as your favorite and you will receive notification when the status of that pet is changed. You are welcome to sponsor the pet, however, sponsorship does not constitute a guaranteed approval to adopt.

Communicating With Your Adoption Counselor
It is very important that you speak candidly and honestly with your Adoption Counselor.  Not every pet is a fit for every family or individual's lifestyle, living situation, or activity level.  The Adoption Counselor's sole priority is to find the best match between each pet and family.  Please respond promptly to inquiries from your Adoption Counselor as he or she may require further information from you to fairly and properly consider your application.  

Are You Ready For the Commitment of a New Pet?
Who wouldn't love the company of a new pet?  Adopting a pet is exciting and heartwarming, but it is also a commitment for up to the next 15 to 20 years.  Puppies need housetraining.  Dogs will chew your stuff. Kittens are full of energy and mischief.  Cats may climb on counters or scratch furniture.  Pets require time, energy, and money to maintain and raise properly.  Look at your schedule and lifestyle. Be realistic about how much time you have to give to a pet and work with your Adoption Counselor to make the appropriate decision.

Pets and Children
In addition to providing children with a loving companion, adopting a pet is a wonderful way to teach children responsibility. However, very young puppies and kittens or very large or very small dogs may not always be a good match for families with very young children. Your Adoption Counselor may ask to arrange a home visit or a meet and greet with the pet and your family before your application is approved.  This is solely in the discretion of the Adoption Counselor and is done to ensure the safety of not only the pet, but also your children.

Other Pets in the Household
One of the benefits of our adoptable pets living in foster homes is that we can gain valuable insight into how they cohabitate in a home environment with a variety of other pets.  For instance, while some cats get along with dogs, others may be terrified of them. Some dogs are highly social with other dogs, while others may be selective or may need to live in 'only dog' households.  

Your Adoption Counselor will consider this information when reviewing your application.  If you are applying to adopt a dog and you currently have a dog at home, you are encouraged to bring your current dog with you to meet your potential new family member. Dog behaviorists recommend introducing dogs on neutral territory and an advance meeting can be instrumental in the introduction of your new canine family member. Your Adoption Counselor is available to discuss the introduction process with you to increase chances for successful placement.

All For One Pet Rescue makes significant efforts to ensure that all of our adoptable pets are in good health and temperament and to provide our adopters with the most accurate information regarding the pet's age, breed, potential size, etc.  However, animal rescue is an inexact science, so much of this information is based upon information we receive from the shelters, rescues, or individuals from whom we receive the pets, or from our own extensive experience with animals.

With regard to an pet's health, we observe a minimum quarantine period for any pet that comes into our rescue.  All of our adoptable pets are vaccinated and seen by a veterinarian prior to adoption, however, there is always a possibility that an undetectable illness or condition may be present or incubating at the time of adoption.  Included with your adoption is a Wellness Visit for your new pet at one of our participating veterinarians.  This visit must be completed within seven (7) days of the adoption and is offered for your peace of mind and protection.  
Now, we hope that you are excited and ready to submit your Adoption Application. To get started, please click here!

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