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Message From: Tina November 2, 2020
We are hoping you can help us bring a new fur-baby into our home to love and cherish. Thank you for your organization!

Message From: Greg August 13, 2019
We lost sir Belvedere last night. We are very heartbroken and we will miss him very much. I know he got more love than he could handle for the last two and s half years. I don’t know what else to say. He was my friend and now he is gone. Goodbye Belvy. We love you so much.

Message From: riverwinds March 3, 2019
Hi. Just wanted to let you know that you all are heroes for taking on this new endeavor that is so badly needed. Thank you. I'm sending my Blessings for a huge success!

Message From: Anick k. December 3, 2018
Hi, on Novembet 17, 2018 I had the great opportunity to adopt a very special and quite cute little puppy named ECHO at the time. Now renamed LEMON . This wonderful little puppy is adjusting quite well to her new life. She sleeps in the bed with me,of course, has a lot of toys and chew toys. She makes me happy every day, she's very playful and energetic. I really think she loves her new life. With that said ,when I got her the first night I discovered that she had worms in her poop, they told me that she was just de-wormed . Also in my opinion, I think that she was spayed way to early ,i got her at 9 weeks old and she was already healed. I don't think a puppy should get fixed before 6 months(that's MY opinion) nevertheless she is a wonderful little puppy and i love her very much and she loves me back. Thank you ALL FOR ONE PET RESCUE! I will recommend you to all my friends and family! And a special thanks to GLENN(a very nice and caring volunteer who took the time to listen to me) for trusting me with this little dog. Again thanks AFOPR!!

Message From: (Private) May 11, 2018
Duke formally Bruno adopted March of 2016, is doing great, Bigger then expected.. 75lbs, such a love, he has 2 older sisters that he plays with...and a loving family.

Message From: adrienne grygo December 26, 2017
thank you so very much for helping me find the new of my life we adopted miss brooke with the help of sharonn and we love her so I don't remember her fosters mom name but a huge thank you brooke is an absolute doll!! thanks for all your hard work

Message From: Steve & Laura & Emma April 10, 2017
Just picked up CeCe in Jupiter FL on April 8. She's doing wonderfully, a pampered princess already.

Message From: jk October 10, 2014
I wish you the best of luck.

Message From: Irene Bobrowsky March 17, 2014
Best of luck and let me know if Jorge and I can be of any assistance.

Message From: Dale March 13, 2014
Welcome to the AFO Guestbook!

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